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StanCon 2018 Live Stream — bad news…. not enough bandwidth

Breaking news: no live stream. We’re recording, so we’ll put the videos online after the fact. We don’t have enough bandwidth to live stream today.       StanCon 2018 starts today! We’re going to try our best to live stream the event on YouTube. We have the same video setup as last year, but may […]

StanCon2018: one month to go, schedule finalized, over 20 talks, 6 tutorials… and flights are cheap

StanCon2018 is shaping up nicely as a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in all things Stan, meet Stan developers and fellow users. Registration is still open, but spots are filling up fast. We’re at 130 registrants and counting! The draft schedule is now up. We have 16 accepted talks and 6 invited talks. Posters are […]

StanCon2018 Early Registration ends Nov 10

StanCon is happening at the beautiful Asilomar conference facility at the beach in Monterey California for three days starting January 10, 2018. We have space for 200 souls and this will sell out. If you don’t already know, Stan is the rising star of probabilistic modeling with Bayesian analysis. If you do statistics, machine learning […]

Job opening for a Stan user in pharma

Perceval Sondag is hiring for a Junior Statistician at Arlenda. Although the official post doesn’t mention it, Perceval writes: On the other hand, I’ll be the one conducting the interviews and I can tell you that the knowledge of Stan, at least at a basic level for a junior/intern, is something that I require to work […]

Thanks for attending StanCon 2017!

Thank you all for coming and making the first Stan Conference a success! The organizers were blown away by how many people came to the first conference. We had over 150 registrants this year! StanCon 2017 Video The organizers managed to get a video stream on YouTube: We have over 1900 views since StanCon! (We lost […]

Stan Conference Live Stream

StanCon 2017 is tomorrow! Late registration ends in an hour. After that, all tickets are $400. We’re going to be live streaming the conference. You’ll find the stream as a YouTube Live event from 8:45 am to 6 pm ET (and whatever gets up will be recorded by default). We’re streaming it ourselves, so if there are […]

30 tickets left to StanCon 2017! New sponsor!

Stan Conference 2017 is on Saturday. We just sold our 150th ticket! Capacity is 180. It’s going to be an amazing event. Register here (while tickets are still available): Our Q&A Panel will have some members of the Stan Development Team: Andrew Gelman. Stan super user. Bob Carpenter. Stan language, math library. Michael Betancourt. […]

StanCon 2017 Schedule

The first Stan Conference is next Saturday, January 21, 2017! If you haven’t registered, here’s the link: I wouldn’t wait until the last minute—we might sell out before you’re able to grab a ticket. We’re up to 125 registrants now. If we have any space left, tickets will be $400 at the door. Schedule. […]

StanCon is coming! Sat, 1/21/2017

[Update: There’s a more recent post with the schedule.]   Save the date! The first Stan conference is going to be in NYC in January. Registration will open at the end of September.   When: Saturday, January 21, 2017 9 am – 5 pm   Where: Davis Auditorium, Columbia University 530 West 120th Street 4th […]

NYC Stan meetup 12 December

The next NYC Stan meetup is on Saturday: Feel free to bring things you’re working on or join in on projects some of the others are working on. A couple of the developers will be around to answer questions and help out. If you don’t have anything to work on, the Stan team could use […]

RStan 2.8.0 is on CRAN!

RStan 2.8.0 is available on CRAN! Installation directions can be found on RStan’s Wiki. And since I know a lot of people aren’t patient enough to read through installation instructions, the most important parts are: You (still) need a C++ toolchain. Mac: XCode. Make sure to open it once after download to accept the license. […]

Stan users meetup in Cambridge, MA on 9/22

There’s a new Stan users meetup group in Boston / Camberville. The first meeting will be on Tuesday, 9/22, at 6 pm in Cambridge. If you’re a seasoned Stan user, just starting out with Stan, or hearing about Stan for the first time, feel free to join in. At least a couple of the Stan […]

More Stan on the blog

Whoa. Stan is 3 years old. We’ve come a long way since the start. I came into the project just as a working prototype was implemented by Matt and Bob with discussions with Andrew, Ben, Michael Malecki, Jiqiang, and others. (I had been working for Andrew prior to the official start of the project, but […]

Stan’s 3rd birthday!

Stan v1.0.0 was released on August 30, 2012. We’ve come a long way since. If you’re around and want to celebrate with some Stan developers and users, feel free to join us: Monday, August 31. 6 – 9 pm Untamed Sandwiches 43 W 39th St New York, NY If you didn’t know, we also have […]

Daniel on Stan at the NYC Machine Learning Meetup

I (Daniel) will be giving a Stan overview talk on Thursday, August 20, 7 pm. Bob gave a talk there 3.5 years ago. My talk will be light and include where we’ve been and where we’re going.   P.S. If you make it, find me. I have Stan stickers to give out. P.P.S. Stan is […]

Stan workshops at UCLA (6/23) and UCI (6/24)

This post is by Daniel. While Bob travels to Boston-ish, I’ll be giving two Stan workshops in Southern California. I’m excited to be back on the west coast for a few days — I grew up not too far away. Both workshops are open, but space is limited. Follow the links for registration. UCLA Social […]

Stan meetup in NYC on Tuesday

The next Stan meetup in NYC is on Tuesday, 4/7/2015. If you have installation issues, modeling trouble, or just want to pick some of the developers’ brains, show up. Free. Registration required:   P.S. Boston, Stan meetups are coming your way.

Upcoming Stan-related talks

If you’re in NYC or Sidney, there are some Stan-related talks in the next few weeks.   New York 25 February. Jonah Gabry: shinyStan: a graphical user interface for exploring Bayesian models after MCMC. Register Now: New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup. 12 March. Rob Trangucci: #5: Non-centered parameterization aka the “Matt trick.” Register Now: Stan […]

Stan hack session at Columbia on Saturday

[this post is by Daniel] For those of you in NYC this Saturday, we’re having a Stan hack session from 11 am – 5 pm. A lot of the Stan developers will be around. It’s free, but registration required. See link below. Bring a laptop, some data, and a model you want to fit. Or […]

Stan NYC Meetup – Thurs, July 31

The next Stan NYC meetup is happening on Thursday, July 31, at 7 pm. If you’re interested, registration is required and closes on Wednesday night:   The third session will focus on using the Stan language. If you’re bringing a laptop, please come with RStan, PyStan, or CmdStan already installed.   We’re going to […]