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Job opening for a Stan user in pharma

Perceval Sondag is hiring for a Junior Statistician at Arlenda. Although the official post doesn’t mention it, Perceval writes:

On the other hand, I’ll be the one conducting the interviews and I can tell you that the knowledge of Stan, at least at a basic level for a junior/intern, is something that I require to work with me.

Here’s the description:

Arlenda is a company specialized in statistical consulting services to the (Bio)pharmaceutical industry. In the early clinical field, we provide full statistical services from protocol to reporting, and clinical trial simulations. In the field of Non-Clinical Statistics, we partner with clients to reduce risk and improve efficiency across the product lifecycle, from development laboratory to manufacturing floor. Arlenda is a leader in Quality by Design methodology, and a recognized expert in the practical application of Bayesian statistics. Arlenda also offers clients validated statistical software to speed development and assure compliance of critical laboratory applications, such as creation and validation of assays.

Perceval sent this updated pdf. If you’re interested, please send a cv to

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