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Stan users meetup in Cambridge, MA on 9/22

There’s a new Stan users meetup group in Boston / Camberville. The first meeting will be on Tuesday, 9/22, at 6 pm in Cambridge.

If you’re a seasoned Stan user, just starting out with Stan, or hearing about Stan for the first time, feel free to join in. At least a couple of the Stan core developers will be around to answer questions.


Sign up here: Stan Users – Boston/Camberville

Thanks to Lizzie Wolkovich for organizing the meetup! And thanks to RStudio for providing food and drinks for the meetup.


P.S. Dustin has some Stan stickers. Go find Dustin at the meetup if you want one.
P.P.S. If you want to organize a meetup in your neighborhood, it’s not difficult. Let me know and I’ll provide as much support as I can.



  1. Chris G says:

    “Camberville”. I had not heard that before. +1.

  2. Dustin says:

    Really excited for this. Yes, come to me for stickers. They are limited edition Stan 2015 currency™.

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