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30 tickets left to StanCon 2017! New sponsor!

Stan Conference 2017 is on Saturday. We just sold our 150th ticket! Capacity is 180. It’s going to be an amazing event. Register here (while tickets are still available):

Our Q&A Panel will have some members of the Stan Development Team:

  • Andrew Gelman. Stan super user.
  • Bob Carpenter. Stan language, math library.
  • Michael Betancourt. Stan algorithms, math library.
  • Daniel Lee. Math library, CmdStan, how everything fits together.
  • Ben Goodrich. RStan, RStanArm, math library.
  • Jonah Gabry. ShinyStan, and all packages downstream of RStan.
  • Allen Riddell. PyStan.

This only represents about half of the Stan developers at StanCon! Logistically, we just can’t have everyone on stage.



A big thanks to our sponsors! Without their contributions, we really couldn’t have secured the space and the services for the conference. Here are our sponsors (in order of sponsoring StanCon):

Live Stream

We’re going to live stream StanCon 2017. I’ll post more details later this week. I’m still working out technical details. We are running the live stream ourselves, so I’m sure we’ll have technical difficulties. I’d really suggest attending in person if you are able.



  1. Shravan says:

    I’m looking forward to being there! Why not just record and stream it later? Seems easier to me if there is potential for technical difficulties.

  2. Maurits says:

    Cool to hear about the live stream, but will a recording be available afterwards? I may not be able to watch right when the stream is live…

  3. Jonah says:

    Hi Maurits,

    We’re still not 100% sure that we’ll be able to do the live streaming, but if we are able to live stream then we will also certainly record and share afterwards.

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