“Stockholm’s Replication Games”

Dan Klein points us to this event announced by Abel Brodeur and Anna Dreber:

On October 26th 2023 we will organize the Stockholm’s Replication Game at the Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden.

Participants will be matched with other researchers working in the same field. Each team will work on replicating a recently published study in a leading journal in economics or political science. All participants will be given co-authorship to a meta paper aggregating the replications results of multiple replication games.

This is a hybrid event. In person participation is encouraged but it will also be possible to join virtually. The event will be at Stockholm School of Economics and coffee will be provided.

To participate please contact Abel Brodeur ([email protected]). Indicate your research interests and the statistical software you are comfortable working with. Also please note whether you want to participate remotely or in person (we have a limit of about 40 participants for the latter).

The project is led by Abel Brodeur (University of Ottawa), Anna Dreber (Stockholm School of Economics), Fernando Hoces (UC Berkeley) and Edward Miguel (UC Berkeley).

This event is part of games organized all over the world (Australia, Canada, France, US, etc.) by the Institute for Replication (https://i4replication.org/). A flyer for the event is attached. More details about the event can be found here: https://i4replication.org/description.html

Sounds like a great idea!

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