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I have these great April Fools ideas but there’s no space for them in the margin of this blog

Not really. Actually I have no good April Fools ideas this year.

Usually I write an April Fools post months in advance, but it’s been such an overwhelming year in so many ways with a pandemic, an attempted overthrow of the government, and lots more, that somehow the inspiration never came. Bu we should have something on this special day, so below are some scattered ideas.

I joined the advisory group!

A new NFT: Stancoin! This is Mitzi’s idea. Front side of the coin is the Stan “S” with a vertical line making it look like a dollar sign and the flip side something about Ulam. Then lots of stuff about how the longer your model takes to run, the more Stancoins you get. Mitzi also informs us that 10 StanCoins are called a Hamilton.

The Philipson Curve as the hot new idea in economics.

Brian Wansink, Marc Hauser, and Dr. Anil Potti walk into a bar . . .

Ya got nudged!

I’ve never read anything by John Updike or George V. Higgins. I was kidding all the time. Who has time for that crap??

I proved this theorem for Stephen Wolfram and all I got is this lousy T-shirt.

Something something something Why We Sleep guy.

P.S. Previous April Fools posts:

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The 2018 post really was dead serious. And the 2013 post had no April Fools content at all (except to the extent that Wolfram is a floating punch line). So I guess there’s precedent for us to skip a year. The 2011 post was closest to today’s, except then I had more energy and actually produced some jokes, whereas this time I’m just pointing to potential jokes. A sort of DYI April Fools effort.


  1. Mitzi says:

    yes, the post I didn’t write would have been titled: “E Pluribus Ulam” – because US coins have “e pluribus unam” on the flip side.
    introducing StanCoin, the gambler’s crypto-currancy of choice. based on Stan chain technology.

    two reasons I didn’t write this: the joke would have involved far too much Adobe illustrator to be worth it.

    also, joke crypto-currencies are no longer a joke – cf DogeCoin

    which brings me to the final problem: there’s nothing funny about an enterprise that’s entirely based on untold amounts of energy consumption. I’m just too freaked out about the climate crisis to be able to make jokes.

    • jim says:

      “there’s nothing funny about an enterprise that’s entirely based on untold amounts of energy consumption. I’m just too freaked out about the climate crisis to be able to make jokes.”

      If you’re worried about climate change isn’t consumption exactly what you should be hoping for? Rising demand would drive up the price of energy and make alternatives to fossil more competitive, not to mention generating numerous other economic benefits – which would in turn create more demand and more opportunities for alternatives. The “put on the brakes” mode does just the opposite – reduces the need for new capacity and the incentive to create new forms of energy, and having the negative side effect of reducing the standard of living.

  2. Andrew/Mitzi: The StanCoin post would have been great! Or you could have sold a screenshot of the blog as a non-fungible token. Though apparently, as bizarre as it is, that’s a real thing: (Guess how much it sold for….)

  3. Oliver C. Schultheiss says:

    Boy, am I glad that you didn’t come up with a new one this year! I’m still reeling from last year’s move to twitter. I admit that I fell for that one…

  4. Dzhaughn says:

    Didn’t you all hear that April Fools Day was cancelled this year? You couldn’t have done your pranks anyway.

  5. Martha (Smith) says:

    April 1 is Maundy Thursday this year, so we’ve all been busy washing our feet.

  6. bbis says:

    Perhaps it’s better to be a Fool for April, rather than April Fools for a day. Or something along that line.

  7. All right, I agree, we’ve all been busy and overwhelmed. April Fools can wait for other Aprils, other fooleries. But maybe it’s “time” (relatively speaking, within the next couple of years) for another Seminar Speaker Contest?

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