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Tech company wants to hire Stan programmers!

Ittai Kan writes:

I started life as an academic mathematician (chaos theory) but have long since moved into industry. I am currently Chief Scientist at Afiniti, a contact center routing technology company that connects agent and callers on the basis of various factors in order to globally optimize the contact center performance. We have 17 data scientists/algorithm engineers in Washington, DC and another 40 (not as well trained) in Pakistan.

The problem mathematically divides into two components: A data science / statistics component where we estimate the likelihood of success for any agent/caller pairing (this is difficult because we have to estimate comparative advantage which involves differences of differences of estimates); and an operations research component where we perform an optimal allocation in a stochastic setting with a variety of real-world constraints.

We are finding Stan to be very useful (and something of a miracle) and are interested in hiring students who are experts with Stan and can help us improve Stan as we try to make it easier to use and efficiently investigate multiple models. We expect to significantly contribute to the development of Stan in the next two years.

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