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This system too often rewards cronyism rather than hard work or creativity — and perpetuates the gross inequalities in representation …

This post is by Lizzie. I started this a while ago, but Andrew’s Doll House post pushed me to finally get it up on the blog. The above quote comes from a recent article on the revelation that the person Philip Roth decided should write his authorized biography has a history of sexual harassment accusations […]

What is the landscape of uncertainty outside the clinical trial’s methods?

I live in the province of British Columbia in the country of Canada (right, this post is not by Andrew, it is by Lizzie). Recently one of our top provincial health officials, Dr. Bonnie Henry, has received extra scrutiny based on her decision to delay second doses of the vaccine. The general argument against this […]

What is/are bad data?

This post is by Lizzie, I also took the picture of the cats. I was talking to a colleague about a recent paper, which has some issues, but I was a bit surprised by her response that one of the real issues was that it ‘just uses bad data.’ I snapped back reflexively, ‘it’s not […]

To all the reviewers we’ve loved before

This post is by Lizzie (I might forget to say that again, when I forget you can see it in the little blue text under the title, or you might just notice it as out of form). For the end of the year I am saluting the favorite review I received in 2020. This comes […]

What George Michael’s song Freedom! was really about

I present an alternative reading of George Michael’s 1990’s hit song Freedom! While many interpret this song as about Michael’s struggles with fame in an industry that constantly aimed to warp his true identity, it can also be interpreted as a researcher progressing in a field where data ownership and data ‘rights’ are still hotly […]

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