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New book coming out by Fischer Black!

Gur Huberman has the scoop.

At first I was surprised to hear about this, but then I looked up Black on Wikipedia and, hey, he’s only 83, so why not write a book. He also got some prominent academics to promote it, so that’s cool.


  1. Adede says:

    I guess this is a joke because “Noise” is an article from 1986, Fischer black has been dead for over 25 years, and the NYT article linked doesn’t mention him by name. But I don’t get it?

  2. Graham says:

    Looks like Fischer Black died in 1995, according to Wikipedia…

  3. Navigator says:

    I predict ‘Noise’ will be a good book once published, but only if you think slow and not fast ;-)

  4. Avram Altaras says:

    Fischer Black died in ’95 at 57; Emanual Derman, who worked with him at Goldman Sachs, teaches Financial Engineering at Columbia… Black would probably have been a co-recipient of ’97 Nobel prize in Econ (not given posthumously) along with his collaborators Merton and Scholes.

  5. Steve says:

    Fischer’s paper was about the problems with noise. Kahneman and Sustein’s book about noise is supposed to offer ways to solve the problem of noise, which is weird because Shannon already did. It’s called redundancy. Maybe they were leading by example.

  6. Steppenwolf says:

    I can already see that the book has mixed reviews, those positive stating that it is an ‘important topic which we need to talk about’, which very closely mimics opinions on social problems that nobody really cares about but wants to look cool, caring and knowledgeable. There is just too many popular authors in the last years writing about some statistical bias and misuse of models.

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