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We’re hiring (in Melbourne)

Andrew, Qixuan and I (Lauren) are hiring a postdoctoral research fellow to explore research topics around the use on multi-level regression and poststratification with non-probability surveys. This work is funded by the National Institutes of Health, and is collaborative work with Prof Andrew Gelman (Statistics and Political Science, Columbia University) and Assoc/Prof Qixuan Chen (Biostatistics, Columbia University).

My hope with this work is that we will develop functional validation techniques when using MRP with non-probability (or convenience) samples. Work will focus on considering the theoretical framing of MRP, as well as various validation tools like cross-validation with non-representative samples. Interested applicants need not have a background in MRP, but experience with multilevel models and/or survey weighting methods would be desirable. The team works primarily within an R language framework.
Interested applicants can apply at or contact the Monash chief investigator Dr Lauren Kennedy ( for further information. I should add that the successful applicant must have relevant work rights in Australia (that one’s from HR, and to do with the whole covid/travelling situation).


  1. Andrew says:

    I don’t think Australia has any flying squirrels, but otherwise I think this will a wonderful job. Lauren, Qixuan, and I have a great collaboration going, and I think this work is both important and intellectually exciting.

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