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Things I didn’t have time to talk about yesterday at the Metascience conference

– Sane, reasonable, . . . and wrong. Here I was going to talk about some reasonable and moderate-sounding recommendations that I think miss some key issues.

– The fractal nature of scientific revolution. I’ve talked about this a lot, for example in 2005, 2007, and 2012.

– Workflow. My plan here was to talk about my applied statistics workflow (on my mind because I just wrote up a longer version of the case study on golf putting) and then discuss connections to social science workflow.

– The insider/outsider perspective. Ironic that I got this idea from Seth, given that he was a sucker for junk science.

On the plus side, I did get a chance to talk about:

– Imagine a world . . .

– The piranha principle

– Worse than Freud

– The fallacy of the one-sided bet

– Social science as we know it is impossible, featuring 16

– The vicious cycle, and it’s our fault

– Statistics is hard

– Taking the lessons of metascience and applying them to science.


  1. Adede says:

    Will there be blogposts on those topics?

  2. Danielle Navarro says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Can I ask a tiny favour? Could you remove the link to the 2005 post or alternatively edit the post so that it doesn’t deadname me? I know it’s a hassle, bit I’d appreciate it.


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