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Yakov Smirnoff advances, and Halftime!

Best argument yesterday came from Yuling:

I want to learn more about missing data analysis from the seminar so I like Harry Houdini. But Yakov Smirnoff is indeed better for this topic — both Vodka and the Soviet are treatments that guarantee everyone to be Missing Completely at Random, and as statistican we definitely prefer Missing Completely at Random.

And now the contest is halfway done! We’re through with the first round. Second round will start tomorrow.


  1. Ian Fellows says:

    I know it’s all in fun, but man is this game a tiring. It really isn’t of that much interest to me, and clutters up the blog’s RSS feed. That said… It’s your blog, so have at it!

  2. Bobbie says:

    So I go to a conference for a few days, have a nice chat with Andrew’s big sister, come back and find Meryl Streep over Alice Waters ?!? Forget the egg-over-a-fire stuff. For any US-er who has ever appreciated fresh food / produce or a dinner free of ridiculous heavy sauces, you can thank Alice Waters and try to explain to her how you would rather hear someone who acted AS IF she were a chef who changed American cooking than someone who ACTUALLY transformed American cooking and food expectations. Yeah, Meryl is great and did other things. And she might be different from other actors. But many of them don’t have anything interesting to say when they don’t have a script telling them what to say.

    Andrew, when your big sis and I have dinner next week, I’m telling on you !

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