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An auto-mechanic-style sign for data sharing

Yesterday’s story reminds me of that sign you used to see at the car repair shop.

Maybe we need something similar for data access rules:


If you want to write a press release for us        $   50.00
If you want to write a new paper using our data    $   90.00
If you might be questioning our results            $  450.00*
If you're calling from Retraction Watch            $30000.00

* Default rate unless you can convince us otherwise

Whaddya think? Anyone interested in adding a couple more jokes and formatting it poster style with some cute graphic?


  1. Dzhaughn says:

    What’s the warranty?

  2. dl says:

    …”If you have last year’s Stata release and want a .dta file it can open”…

  3. Kaiser says:

    Here you go… The pricing chart for data people is here

  4. elin says:

    This is interesting given that you can download for free from GSS explorer and elsewhere.

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