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5 books book

Sophie Roell, who interviewed me for 5books (background here), reports that 5books has become a book. Or, to be precise, that they have released a collection of the 5books interviews as an ebook. Interviewees include me, some people I’d never heard of, and a bunch of legitimate bigshots such as Ian McEwen and Steven Pinker. I’d say it’s fun and often unexpected bathroom reading, but then you’d need a book tablet (a “kindle”? What do you call these things generically?) in that special room. But then again, maybe you already do!

P.S. You might be also interested in this list (from a few years ago). Comments are closed on that entry (I know there’s a way to get them unclosed but I can’t figure out how), so feel free to leave your comments/suggestions here if you want to opine on the best nonfiction books.


  1. Erin Jonaitis says:

    I think they’re called ereaders. (e-readers?)

  2. K? O'Rourke says:

    Andrew: I do like your quote

    “If you’re a research psychologist, you need the institution of formal statistics to protect you from your false intuitions, which if you’re not protected from, will lead you to make all sorts of mistaken claims.”

    But for many statisticians??

    “If you’re a statistician, you need the institution of formal philosophy of science to protect you from your false sense of scientific methodology, which if you’re not woken-up from, will lead you to make all sorts of mistaken profession claims about being scientific (i.e. either objective or worse coherent with a nominalist’s miss-perception that it’s all relative so that coherence with subjective believes has “real” value).”

    We just can’t be the only discipline that does not need to be protected from ourselves ;-)