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Missed Friday the 13th Zombie Plot Update

The revised paper

Slightly improved figures

And just the history part from my thesis – that some find interesting.
(And to provide a selfish wiki meta-analysis entry pointer)

I have had about a dozen friends read this or earlier versions – they split into finding it interesting (and pragmatic) versus incomprehensible.

The reason for that may or may not point to ways to make it clearer.



  1. Nick Cox says:

    I see in the references that a book well known to many on this blog is

    Gelman, A., Hill, J., and Corporation, E. Data analysis using regression and multi-
    level/hierarchical models, vol. 625. Cambridge University Press Cambridge, 2007.

    Who is that third author? Is that Emma Corporation or Eric Corporation?

    Also, we all know that Andrew is very productive, but was that really volume 625 of his output?

    P.S. I guess these are typos.

  2. K? O'Rourke says:

    Thanks Nick, Google scholar says its "Ebooks"

    See below – I should have caught this but didn't. Downloading the bibtex entries from Google Scholar really spead things up – but not without risk.

    title={Data analysis using regression and multilevel/hierarchical models},
    author={Gelman, A. and Hill, J. and Ebooks Corporation},
    publisher={Cambridge University Press New York, New York, USA}