5 thoughts on “Mapmaking software

  1. Really simple to use, I like it…but I can't figure out how to define the mapping of values onto colors. That's sort of crippling if you want to do things like make a bunch of maps that have different ranges of values, but you want the meaning of the colors to stay the same for all of them. But for a quick look at data by fips, this is great.

  2. Andrew- I'm wondering if you or your readers have any suggestions for other mapping software (including software that works with PC's). Thanks-

  3. For those who also suffer the problem Andrew has (buying a MacBook can help a lot though …) you might want to take a look at Mondrian. Mondrian is not primarily designed to tackle spatial problems, but has good support for spatial analyses (just to mention choropleth maps). Being a general purpose graphical analysis package, Mondrian offers the full suite of graphs to handle the attribute data that comes with your spatial data.

    oh, btw – it runs on Mac, Windows and UNIXs

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