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50 Things to Do with Kids in New York City This Summer (mostly free)

Aleks was nice enough to pass this on to us.


  1. Manoel Galdino says:


    I am a reader of your blog and I've read some time ago a post of you about the prices of some books written by you.
    Well, I was interested in the book "Teaching Statistics: a bag of tricks".

    However, I cannot afford US$ 140,00 (amazon price) for a new one, or even US$ 131,00 for a used book. I am a PHd student of Political Science in Brazil and don't have so much mone to spend in a single book.
    Do you know where I can buy it for a cheaper price?

  2. Andrew Gelman says:

    Manoel: For some horrible stupid reason, Amazon shows only the hardcover and makes it extremely difficult to buy the paperback.

    The paperback is here and costs something like $60.

  3. Manoel Galdino says:

    Thanks a lot. I alredy ordered the paperback version!