First annual Applied Statistics Center Art Contest


Possible statistics-related art includes pretty mathematical functions, interesting data displays, patterns of migrating birds, complicated high-tech signals, playful pointillist paintings made out of little 4’s and 7’s, . . .

More information here.

6 thoughts on “First annual Applied Statistics Center Art Contest

  1. While this in no way is meant to denigrate the competition, it is a pity that the art director didn't catch the black text on black paint trouble for that brochure. The word can be deduced from context but it shouldn't have to be.

  2. Andrew—

    I mentioned this contest in a comment on Jessica Hagy's blog Indexed. Check out her blog — I don't know her and have no vested interest in this. I bet you'll really enjoy it, and I think she can make a book cover that'll really stand out.

    IMO, of course. ^_^

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