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I’m not a pie chart person. But here is an example where I don’t mind the use (I found it here):

Using a list of countries generated by The World Factbook database, flags of countries fetched from Wikipedia (as of 26th May 2007) are analysed by a custom made python script to calculate the proportions of colours on each of them. That is then translated on to a piechart using another python script. The proportions of colours on all unique flags are used to finally generate a piechart of proportions of colours for all the flags combined. (note: Colours making up less than 1% may not appear)

It’s pretty, it’s something about proportion, it’s not trying to show clear numeric result, data-to-ink/pixel ratio is not a problem in this case, yet there’s some information that you will have hard time seeing from table. (Such as Tunisia has slightly more white then Turkey.)

Now I’m not for the alphabetical ordering of the countries, but then again I don’t have a better suggestion.
Is there any reason that no country uses pink?
This site has summary of what not to do with pie chart.
You can also look at this paper.

5 thoughts on “Color of Flags

  1. Unrelated, but Hoist the Colors from Pirates 3 keep playing in me head.

    Why isn't US and Slovenia in pie charts?

    Pink isn't "macho" enough – not patriotic enough?

  2. Instead of alphabetical order, maybe grouping the pie charts by geography, dominant religion, or something like that would be better — some interesting patterns might emerge.

  3. Chewxy

    If you go to the original page and click on the pie chart you get the flag. Slovenia and US were clicked for no good reason.

  4. nobody uses pink on their flag b/c it's still (and always will be) socially unacceptable to show love for [censored], or even [censored] if that's what you like.

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