Vladimír Chvátil vs. Beverly Cleary; Bowie advances

Bosco gives a strong argument in favor of the winking hat wearer:

I vote Larry. Maybe he could finally tell us who *really* shot JR. Of course, some people claim that Kristin did it, and then the whole affair was hushed up due to an affair, but some of us see more clearly. David Bowie has no secrets to tell me.

Agreed that Bowie has no secrets. But why would we think that Larry would tell us who really shot J.R.? Conditional on there being a conspiracy, the Hag man would be in on it, no?


Larry Hagman’s mother was a much better performer than Bowie’s mother. Much better.

Other than that, I got nothing. And that really doesn’t seem like quite enough.

Matt’s got a strong argument against J.R.:

In addition to their better-known contributions to popular culture, Bowie was an actor and Hagman recorded music. Here is Hagman’s 1980 single (the first verse should be enough, be easy on yourself):

I wouldn’t mind listening to Bowie talk about acting…

Wow! Eddie Murphy’s a much better singer, no question.

Finally, Manuel and Dzhaughn have an exchange:

Manuel: Berlin vs. Dallas… I take Berlin.

Dzhaughn: But only if you take Manhattan first. And that is a big problem here.

+1 for the Leonard Cohen reference. If we follow the logic, we get Larry. But if we pick David, this gives us a chance for future Leonard Cohen references. That’s enough for me.

Today’s matchup

What I’d really like to see here is Henry, Beezus, Ramona, and Susan (the girl who had the curls that Ramona would pull) facing off in a game of Code Names. I’m guessing Susan would do something annoying, Ramona would have a fit, Beezus would be just trying to play the game, and Henry would get distracted by Ribsy and knock over the table. What do all of you think?

Again, here are the announcement and the rules.

4 thoughts on “Vladimír Chvátil vs. Beverly Cleary; Bowie advances

  1. Since the Beverly Cleary books were among our daughter’s favorites, this is a no brainer. Besides, Bev could probably tell us the deep meaning of Portlandia, a net plus (but maybe not as she lived most of her writing life in Carmel, CA)!!!!

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