“Vanishing Voices: An Assessment of Diverse Participation in NYC Government and Why it Matters for Communities”

It’s a mixed in-person / remote presentation 5pm Monday 12 Sept 2022, 5pm at Teachers College:

Dr. Catherine DeLazzero will be joined by Dr. Jonathan Auerbach to report preliminary findings from a two year investigation of diversity on NYC community boards, which the Manhattan Borough President has described as “the independent and representative voices of their communities—the most grassroots form of local government” (2021). They will describe what enables board members to have influence on their communities through a pipeline of participation (from appointments to leadership to voice to outcomes); why some voices magnify and others disappear; barriers to inclusion, equity, and fairness; consequences for communities; and recommendations for improvement. Dr. DeLazzero and Dr. Auerbach examine “diversity” as intersections of life experience (i.e. demographics), subject matter expertise, and viewpoints. Dr. DeLazzero and Dr. Auerbach will also present new methods for assessing and visualizing diverse participation in organizations (i.e. diversity analytics). For additional work in this area, see their recent article, Linked Data Detail a Gender Gap in STEM That Persists Across Time and Place.

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