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StanConnect 2021 is happening this summer/fall! Topics are Simulation Based Calibration, Ecology, Biomedical, and Cognitive Science and Neuroscience.

Arman Oganisian writes:

The Stan Governing Body is excited to announce this year’s StanConnect 2021 lineup! For those who haven’t yet heard, StanConnect is a series of virtual sessions/mini-symposia held throughout the latter half of this year. Each session hosts research talks (and more) on Bayesian inference via Stan in a different field/topic areas.

StanConnect was truly a bottom-up endeavor – we issued a public call for session proposals to the community back in April and are so pleased with the submissions. We will be hosting sessions on topics ranging from Ecology and Cognitive Science to Biomedical Science and simulation-based calibration/computation.

Session descriptions and registration links can be found here.

In addition to standard research talks, most sessions have incorporated virtual social/networking time and one session is even hosting a tutorial. This will go a long way to bringing our global community together even in the absence of StanCon. We hope to see you at one or more of these events!

Cool! I’ll be speaking at one of these myself. I love the Stan community.

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