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“Better Data Visualizations: A Guide for Scholars, Researchers, and Wonks”

Lee Wilkinson recommends this book by Jonathan Schwabish:

I [Lee] think most books on “business” charts are junk, but this one is different. Schwabish does his work instead of incessantly quoting Tufte and online rants about pie charts. He’s one of the only writers on pie charts who seems to have read the research on them—for and against. And although the book contains damn near every type of popular chart, it’s organized by principles and tasks rather than by chart type. Especially cool: he drew the charts himself using a variety of software.

I haven’t seen the book myself but I trust Lee.


  1. Jeff says:

    Another upvote for Jon Schwabish. Doling out data viz advice has become a crowded field but I’ve found him to be thoughtful and practical. He blogs, pods, etc., at

  2. Bruys says:

    Unfortunately, a little too pricey for a non scholar, researcher, or wonk: US$95.

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