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Hey—the New York Times is hiring an election forecaster!

Chris Wiggins points us to this job opening:

Staff Editor – Statistical Modeling

The New York Times is looking to increase its capacity for statistical projects in the newsroom, especially around the 2020 election.

You will help produce statistical forecasts for election nights, as part of The Times’s ambitious election results operation. That operation is responsible for designing, building and delivering live results to a large national audience.

You may also make technical contributions to our original polling or be part of other data projects in the newsroom, like the dialect quiz or rent-buy calculators.

This is a collaborative role. You will work with reporters, developers, and graphics editors, occasionally in high-pressure situations, and at odd hours.

We are R users. As a candidate, you should demonstrate excellence in R and data management, especially in production situations. Candidates should also demonstrate an understanding of statistical models, and an imagination for how these models could fail. Your work should reflect meticulous attention to detail. And you should enjoy exploring data.

As part of your cover letter, please describe or link to an example of a statistical model you’ve created. Please also describe any reporting, development or data visualization skills you may have.


– Familiarity with statistical modeling
– Expertise with R
– Experience with production-level code
– Interest in covering elections and politics
– Familiarity with JavaScript is highly desirable.
– Familiarity with election returns, voter files or polling is desirable.

They forgot to mention “familiarity with Mister P” and “familiarity with Stan” here, but I’m sure that’s just an oversight.

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