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New Democratic Primary Debate Rules

They have all these weird rules now about number of donors, polls, etc. It’s just a mess. We need something simpler. How bout this:

Current poll average (in percentage) + (favorability – unfavorable rating)/2 + net worth (in billions) + age/50 + (# major pundits who like you)/5 + (# facebook likes)*(# twitter followers)/(#people who hate your guts)^2 + 1 for every major political office you’ve held.


  1. jim says:

    Would be most interested in your take on the UK elections as relevant to US elections. Columnist here today presents baffling claim that BJ won in UK based on personality so that could happen here…as if Trump is a likable personality? Huh? :) No, don’t think so.

    Was UK vote *for* Brexit? If so, was it a rightward swing? If so, was it a swing at an overbearing, intrusive, bumbling and stupendously bureaucratic EU? Do Americans have similar ideas?

    Or is what looks likely – a Trump Thump – the most likely?

  2. Andrew says:


    I don’t know enough about UK to do more than guess. My quick guess would be that most of the Conservatives’ strong performance came from recent economic growth, plus the Labour leader was very unpopular, plus whatever it is that makes people not want to vote for the Liberal Democrats. But that’s all just a guess.

    • jim says:

      Thanks Andrew. Yes apparently Corbyn is not liked.

      I’m curious though about Dem’s worries about Trump, getting too far left etc etc, Bloomberg jumping in and all. I mean the best guess at this point has to be that if the Dems don’t put AOC in the driver’s seat, they’ll probably win handily. I mean I guess Warren could manage to make it a close election, but even the Cherokee Princess would probably beat Trump.

      But while any election with Trump in it would be entertaining, I think the most interesting contest would be with Bloomberg. Both are businessmen, but it’s hard to argue that Trump’s on equal footing with Bloomberg in that respect! Just the same, despite his lean to law and order, Bloomberg isn’t a centrist. He’s strong on lots of key lefty points, especially climate change. And it’s hard to tell who would win a debate. Bloomberg obviously has the rational side of the game well in hand but that might not be a benefit if he can’t deliver a few good punches at the belt line.

      Alrighty then, I guess we’ll have to see how it shakes out.

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