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Another bit from Art Owen, this time dunking on ripoff publishers

From Owen’s review of Mayo’s book:

Going through this put me in mind of Jim Zidek’s early 1980s work on multi-Bayesian theory. The most cited paper there is his JRSS-A paper with Weerahandri from 1981. From the abstract it looks more like it addresses formation of a consensus posterior or decision choice and is not about study design. That work is behind a Wiley pay wall so high that even Stanford’s library credentials do not let me see it. I keep this in mind whenever Wiley asks me to contribute an encyclopedia article; preparing a write-only paper for them is a very low priority.

Also, Wiley publishes Wikipedia articles at an infinity-percent markup.


  1. george says:

    The evils of Wiley notwithstanding, Weerahandi and Zidek 1981 is on JSTOR.

  2. Keith O'Rourke says:

    Was there a link to Owen’s review?

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