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Pele wins. On to the semifinals!

Like others, I’m sad that Veronica Geng is out of the running, so I’ll have to go with Diana:

Jonathan’s post-hoc argument for Geng was so good that I now have to vote for Pele, given that his name can be transformed into Geng’s through a simple row matrix operation (a gesture that just might move Geng to forsake the incendiary wine):

[P E L E] + [-9 0 2 2] = [G E N G]

You can’t do the same with Streep.

Then Jonathan himself popped up in comments:

With Geng out I no longer care. While I admit that a second resurrection would be de trop (as Sattouf might say) it’s my only hope. Though really, the only appropriate thing is to simply have her win the final even though she’s not in it. So I’ll just wait for that.

But if I had to go with one here, I had lunch with Meryl Streep once. She didn’t have a lot to say. I’ll go for Streep anyway, on the condition that she sticks to a script written by Geng.

If the best argument in favor of Streep is that she didn’t have a lot to say . . . that’s not so great. So Pele it is. We’ll see how he handles Sattouf in a couple of days.

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