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Riad Sattouf (1) vs. Mel Brooks; Bruce Springsteen advances

Dalton crisply solved yesterday’s problem right away with,

The real test is would you rather have Bruce Springsteen cook for you or have Julia Child sing to you?

To ask this question is to answer it. I didn’t even read any comments after that one.

Today’s matchup is more exciting. It’s The Arab of the Future vs. The 2000 Year Old Man. The future versus the past: you can’t get more primal than that. Both these guys are very funny and are great with facial expressions (in different media). How are we gonna pick this one? And is the winner doomed to be knocked out in the next round by Veronica Geng??

Again, here are the rules and here’s the bracket:


  1. I was awed into silence by Dalton’s Sprinsteen argument; I felt that a “+1” would be redundant. And Springsteen won! Hooray.

    For this round, Sattouf’s the one. ‘Sattouf said.

  2. aaaaa says:

    These are two talented people. Both are incredibly witty, and I think that they could both make a killer seminar talk. I would choose Riad Sattouff tho

  3. Dzhaughn says:

    ouR data fitS
    Riad Sattouf

  4. Ethan Bolker says:

    Since we can’t have Mr P let’s have Mr B.

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