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Hey, check this out: Columbia’s Data Science Institute is hiring research scientists and postdocs!

Here’s the official announcement:

The Institute’s Postdoctoral and Research Scientists will help anchor Columbia’s presence as a leader in data-science research and applications and serve as resident experts in fostering collaborations with the world-class faculty across all schools at Columbia University. They will also help guide, plan and execute data-science research, applications and technological innovations that address societal challenges and related University-wide initiatives.

Postdoc Fellows

Requirements: PhD degree


Research Scientist (Open Rank)

Requirements: PhD degree + (see position description for more information)

Research Scientist who will conduct independent cutting-edge research in the foundations or application of data science or related fields, or be involved in interdisciplinary research through a collaboration between the Data Science Institute and the various schools at the University.


Research Scientist (Open Rank)

Requirements: PhD degree + (see position description for more information)

Research Scientist who will serve as Columbia’s resident experts to foster collaborations with faculty across all the schools at Columbia University.


Candidates for all Research Scientists positions must apply using the links above that direct to the Columbia HR portal for each position, whereas the Postdoc Fellows submit materials via:

I’m part of the Data Science Institute so if you want to work with me or others here at Columbia, you should apply.

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  1. Keith O’Rourke says:

    Nice to see the resident expert positions (that among other things organize and conduct training for faculty).

    Elsewhere, I was arguing for such with “There does seem to be a general lack of sense of the competitive research advantage a university could gain by upgrading the methodological understanding and skills of their faculty – widely through the university. If I owned a university I would be thinking through diverting resources to enable faculty to do better research … pedagogy for other faculty [is] likely not well developed (apparently you have help them get better at something without them noticing). But certainly worth thinking about for adventurous faculty that might be interested.”

    I have also been thinking about the skills needed by statisticians for such positions and how these might be better facilitated. Perhaps a SAMSI/CANSSI summer program on “Practical epistemology: How to encourage more scientifically profitable empirical inquiry” (need a better word for epistemology that includes doing in addition to thinking). Also topics on setting up and running statistical consulting centres (not as cash cows or even cost recovery – but primarily investments in faculty development) and statistical collaboration.

    Now with Data Science Institutes instead of Statistics Institutes or Mathematics and Statistics departments these things may get more traction. Likely much easier for a faculty member to admit to not knowing enough about data science than statistics.

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