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I’m not on twitter

This blog auto-posts. But I’m not on twitter. You can tweet at me all you want; I won’t hear it (unless someone happens to tell me about it).

So if there’s anything buggin ya, put it in a blog comment.


  1. Wayne says:

    Nothing bugging me. Just wanted to say that I’m looking forward to hearing your keynote at SSI!

  2. Kp says:

    After you posted about abandoning statistical significance, I was wondering what your impression of work in the “Behavioural Economics” field by organisations like the Behavioural Insights Team is? Most of their work is based on running RCT’s in policy and they rely heavily on p-values when highlighting “positive” results. Is this less of a problem in your view due to strong experimental setup and use of RCT’s or do you still see it as a problem regardless?

    • Andrew says:


      There are two things going on here:

      1. I am suspicious of “behavioral economics” in general in that it seems like a step backward from a theoretical or conceptual perspective; see discussion here.

      2. I haven’t looked carefully at the particular studies you’re referring to. But, yes, often it does seem that “evidence-based policy” is up there with “drug-free school zone,” “best linear unbiased prediction,” and “Holy Roman Empire” as something rarely to be believed. As I’ve written various times recently, randomized controlled trials are fine, but if effects are small and measurements are highly variable, all the randomization in the world’s not gonna save ya. Bias and variance, baby, bias and variance.

  3. I was also under the reasonable assumption that you would see your tweet responses. Thanks for clarifying. I enjoy your blog very much & respect your views. We have some similar viewpoints from a cursory study. I too am skeptical of ‘behavioral economics. Be back.

  4. cugrad says:

    This post is filed under decision theory…

  5. Huw Llewelyn says:

    Hi Andrew. Your message popped up on my twitter too. I have responded here: . Huw.

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