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PhD student fellowship opportunity! in Belgium! to work with us! on the multiverse and other projects on improving the reproducibility of psychological research!!!

[image of Jip and Janneke dancing with a cat]

Wolf Vanpaemel and Francis Tuerlinckx write:

We at the Quantitative Psychology and Individual Differences, KU Leuven, Belgium are looking for a PhD candidate. The goal of the PhD research is to develop and apply novel methodologies to increase the reproducibility of psychological science. More information can be found on the job website or by contacting us at or The deadline for application is Monday June 26, 2017.

One of the themes a successful candidate may work on is the further development of the multiverse. I expect to be an active collaborator in this work.

So please apply to this one. We’d like to get the best possible person to be working on this exciting project.


  1. Bryan says:

    I was expecting to see the Berenstain Bears multiverse when you mentioned the multiverse.

  2. Martha (Smith) says:

    Image looks more like a dog than a cat.

    • Louis says:

      Yes, but the figures (Jip en Janneke) are Dutch and not Belgian. This leads me to guess that this is some Gelmanesque joke. Something linked to multiverse e.g. if we could have labelled or categorized differently, then Jip and Janneke would be Belgian or Leuven would be Dutch.
      I find it often hard to put my finger on the inside jokes on this blog (there are a lot I guess) but I sometimes think I sense the direction where it is going…

      So besides fun for his own, Andrew manages readers to think a bit about the topics-entries-pictures.

  3. Mark says:

    It is actually their dog named Takkie. They also have a cat called Siep. Dutch childrens stories by Annie M.G. Schmidt, illustrations by Fiep Westendorp, both quite famous as a team publishing lots of childrens books.

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