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On deck this week

Mon: How is Brexit different than Texit, Quexit, or Scotxit?

Tues: Should this paper in Psychological Science be retracted? The data do not conclusively demonstrate the claim, nor do they provide strong evidence in favor. The data are, however, consistent with the claim (as well as being consistent with no effect)

Wed: Individual and aggregate patterns in the Equality of Opportunity research project

Thurs: Why experimental economics studies might well do better than psychology when it comes to replication

Fri: Informative priors for treatment effects

Sat: Too good to be true: when overwhelming mathematics fails to convince

Sun: Data science as the application of theoretical knowledge

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  1. Pat says:

    Will this topic be recycled for another week? I think it got overlooked because of Brexit.

    Fri: Can a census-tract-level regression analysis untangle correlation between lead and crime?

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