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On deck this week

Mon: What is a Republican?

Tues: “Bayesians (quite rightly so according to the theory) . . .”

Wed: Lottery is evil

Thurs: Gresham’s Law of experimental methods

Fri: In the biggest advance in applied mathematics since the most recent theorem that Stephen Wolfram paid for . . .

Sat: Himmicanes and hurricanes update

Sun: What they’re saying about “blended learning”: “Perhaps the most reasonable explanation is that no one watched the video or did the textbook reading . . .”

And, the week after:

“A strong anvil need not fear the hammer”
Best Disclaimer Ever
These celebrity photos are incredible: Type S errors in use!
Selection bias, or, some things are better off left unsaid
John Yoo blogging
You won’t be able to forget this one: Alleged data manipulation in NIH-funded Alzheimer’s study
Should I be upset that the NYT credulously reviewed a book promoting iffy science?


  1. Steen says:

    Your Buzzfeed-style headlines are no match for tabloid coverage of the latest power-pose-esque research published in PPNAS.
    – Vacharkulksemsuk et al.

    • Andrew says:


      Wow, the tabloids are really outdoing themselves on this one! Publication in PPNAS with a breathless blurb in Science. As a special bonus, the editor is Susan T. Fiske of himmicanes fame.

      What could possibly go wrong??

      • Rahul says:

        You (or someone) should submit a funding proposal where they do a systematic critique of every Psych. article using Statistics published in Science / Nature / PNAS for a year.

        It’d be an awesome service to everyone.

    • Shravan says:

      “widely spread limbs got 27% more matches than those with limbs held tight”

      but, to give the research credit where credit it due, this does make a lot of biological and physical sense. How are you ever going to get laid if you hold your limbs tightly close together? Sorry guys, I tried but couldn’t resist. I blame my all-boys-school upbringing at St Columbas, New Delhi.

  2. Andrew Worsnop says:

    Why does the blended learning post keep getting pushed? Wasn’t it also bumped in December last year? Very interested to read it!

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