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My job here is done


It was cool, back in the day, to be mocked in the House of Commons:

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 2.04.50 PM

And of course I was happy a few months ago to be cited by the Supreme Court:


But the high point of my journalistic career is being mentioned in Private Eye (see above). I can retire now.


  1. numeric says:

    My adviser used to tell me “First there’s research, then there’s teaching, then there’s departmental politics.” Guess he missed the final stage–an infatuation with the topical press.

    • Andrew says:


      It seems he missed the final three stages: infatuation with the topical press, blogging, and . . . blog commenting. Also golf must fit in there somewhere but I’m not quite sure where.

      • numeric says:

        In fairness, blogging did not exist when he made this insightful comment to me (I’m happy to report he is now a Dean at a major university, so he’s reached stage 3 of his career trajectory). And it was hard for a scientist to interact with the press before everything went 24/7 and we had an explosion of outlets desperate for content. Incidentally, that comment about blog commenting is more psychologically insightful than I would have expected from you–guess reading all that literature does have an effect.

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