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On deck through the rest of 2015

There’s something for everyone! I had a lot of fun just copying the titles to make this list, as I’d already forgotten about a lot of this stuff. Here are the scheduled posts, in order through 31 Dec:

Fitting models with discrete parameters in Stan

How to use lasso etc. in political science?

An unconvincing analysis claiming to debunk the health benefits of moderate drinking

Tamiflu conflict of interest

Alleged data manipulation in NIH-funded Alzheimer’s study

Flamebait: “Mathiness” in economics and political science

Cognitive skills rising and falling

Anti-cheating robots

Mindset interventions are a scalable treatment for academic underachievement — or not?

Most successful blog post ever

Political advertising update

Doomed to fail: A pre-registration site for parapsychology

Mars Missions are a Scam

Ta-Nehisi Coates, David Brooks, and the “street code” of journalism

What do you learn from p=.05? This example from Carl Morris will blow your mind

Here’s a theoretical research project for you

Hierarchical logistic regression is easy in Stan

In answer to James Coyne’s question, no, I can’t make sense of this diagram.

In that article, they forgot to mention that Ludmerer is one of the 5 doctors in America who has no opinion on whether cigarette smoking contributes to lung cancer in human beings.

“Null hypothesis” = “A specific random number generator”

My webinar with Brad Efron this Wednesday

How to build trust in missing-data imputations?

Evaluating models with predictive accuracy

Using Stan to map cancer screening!

Why you can’t always use predictive performance to choose among models

Top 5 movies about scientists

“Modern Physics from an Elementary Point of View”

Super-topical NBA post!!!

Characterizing the spatial structure of defensive skill in professional basketball

The original Hot Hand preprint!

Exaggeration of effects of fan distraction in NCAA basketball

What do I say when I don’t have much to say?

Cauchy priors for logistic regression coefficients

Where the fat people at?

“Priming Effects Replicate Just Fine, Thanks”

My job here is done

The tabloids strike again

Econometrics: Instrument locally, extrapolate globally

I wish Napoleon Bonaparte had never been born

DataMeetsViz workshop

How to parameterize hyperpriors in hierarchical models?

“Don’t get me started on ‘cut’”

Taleb’s Precautionary Principle: Should we be scared of GMOs?

Pass the popcorn

Who falls for the education reform hype?

Inference from an intervention with many outcomes, not using “statistical significance”

“Should Prison Sentences Be Based On Crimes That Haven’t Been Committed Yet?”

At this point, I’m primed to be skeptical about claims of social priming

He wants to teach himself some statistics

I like the Monkey Cage

What years of the economy influence the next presidential election?

Humans Can Discriminate More than 1 Trillion Olfactory Stimuli. Not.

Some people are so easy to contact and some people aren’t.

A statistical approach to quadrature

“The Bayesian Second Law of Thermodynamics”

Jökull Snæbjarnarson writes . . .

Bayesian inference for network links

0.05 is a joke

Statistics diaries and comparable assignments in other fields

“A pure Bayesian or pure non-Bayesian is not forever doomed to use out-of-date methods, but at any given time the purist will be missing some of the most effective current techniques.”

7 tips for work-life balance

A missed opportunity?

How to analyze hierarchical survey data with post-stratification?

My quick answer is that I would analyze all 10 outcomes using a multilevel model.

Rogue historian just can’t stop copying

Questions about data transplanted in kidney study

Party like it’s 2005

Cannabis/IQ follow-up: Same old story

Waic and cross-validation for survival models?

Hierarchical modeling when you have only 2 groups: I still think it’s a good idea, you just need an informative prior on the group-level variation

I definitely wouldn’t frame it as “To determine if the time series has a change-point or not.” The time series, whatever it is, has a change point at every time. The question might be, “Is a change point necessary to model these data?” That’s a question I could get behind.

Actually, I’d just do full Bayes

“Baby Boomer” as all-purpose insult

Defining conditional probability

In defense of endless arguments

Bayesian decision analysis for the drug-approval process

Mars 1, This American Life 0

LaCour and Green 1, This American Life 0

What is a Republican?

“Perhaps the most reasonable explanation is that no one watched the video or did the textbook reading . . .”

A Replication in Economics: Does “Genetic Distance” to the US Predict Development?

Death of a statistician

Rapid post-publication review

He’s skeptical about Neuroskeptic’s skepticism

R sucks

“Am I doing myself a disservice by being too idealistic in a corporate environment?”

Gresham’s Law of experimental methods

Turbulent Studies, Rocky Statistics: Publicational Consequences of Experiencing Inferential Instability

There are 6 ways to get fired from Johnson & Johnson: (1) theft, (2) sexual harassment, (3) running an experiment without a control group, (4) keeping a gambling addict away from the casino, (5) chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, and (6) not covering up records of side effects of a drug you’re marketing to kids

“The lifecycle of scholarly articles across fields of economic research”

My presentation at the Electronic Conference on Teaching Statistics

When the numbers differ in the third decimal place

Definitely got nothing to do with chess IV

As usual, I’ll occasionally bump posts for more topical material. And my cobloggers are free to intersperse their posts whenever.


  1. Tom says:

    That’s no good – I was looking forward to some of these and then realized I’ve got a month and a half to wait. Also – what is your prior on something getting bumped?

  2. Joseph says:

    I am in awe of having such a queue

  3. I love the way your NBA post is guaranteed to be super-topical months in advance! :-)

  4. Nadia says:

    How are you ever going to manage 2016 expectations with so much good stuff coming up?!

  5. Frank says:

    Can’t believe you copied all of those. Definitely worth automating!

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