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Leonardo da Vinci (1) vs. Claude Levi-Strauss; Camus advances

I was really rooting for Kinkade in yesterday‘s contest, but you didn’t oblige me. We didn’t have much in the way of comments yesterday, but the best we had was by Zbicyclist:

Kinkade seemed to advance through round 1 because it would be interesting to have him explain the contradictions between his personal life and the world portrayed in his art as “the painter of light”(TM).

But Kinkade probably had some standard spiel for large collectors, and I fear we would just get a repeat of that pitch.

Good point. The last thing we need to hear is a standard spiel. If that’s all we wanted, we could just go to a Ted talk.

And today the original Renaissance man is going up against a modern interdisciplinary social scientist.

Hmmm, when I put it this way, it doesn’t sound like it will be so close . . .

P.S. As always, here’s the background, and here are the rules.


  1. Richard Giambrone says:

    Leonardo. He wouldn’t have to say anything. We can set him up on stage with paper and pens and pencils and let him draw, with us watching him work on the big screen.

    –One more
    I had to read Claude Levi-Strauss autobiography? in a college class. I didn’t get very far, maybe that prejudices me against him.

  2. Tom says:

    I’ve been wondering how often a weak player / team gets to a final because they mostly come across weaker opposition and get a bit of luck.

    I think that Leonardo is the type of guy who could invent a remarkable device that might help answer that sort of question (some sort of mechanical Monte Carlo device) and there is no way he loses this match up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Leonard. I like the low Strauss atmosphere of a relaxed seminar.

  4. Seth says:

    LDV reputedly snuck into hospitals and morgues to dissect corpses. I’m vaguely concerned that he might be tempted to break some rule/social convention when we teleport him from the dead to the lecture and embarrass the organizers. but I’m also intrigued as to what that might be.

    I also like that he shares his initials with Limited Dependent Variables.

  5. zbicyclist says:

    As long as we are pretending we can reanimate the dead, we might as well pretend this seminar will be 300 years from now, in 2315.

    Leonardo will still be a draw.

    Claude Levi-Strauss will be Claude who?

  6. Jonathan (another one) says:

    Leonardo’s appearance is required; if for nothing else, it might reverse his current status as third most famous Leonardo and put him back where he belongs — on top of both DiCaprio and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. But keep the Turtle on call in case da Vinci is delayed by trying to fly to the seminar in his proto-helicopter.

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