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Thomas Kinkade vs. Albert Camus (1); Cervantes advances

Yesterday‘s winner is Cervantes, for the simple reason that nobody gave any good reasons to invite Thoreau.

Ooooh, today’s contest is a toughie. House on fire or existential struggle? Either one would have a lot to say, but only one of them has a “TM” after his name. Give it your best shot.

P.S. As always, here’s the background, and here are the rules.


  1. Xi'an says:

    Not having a TM is a good reason for advancing Camus, there are less chances of being sued by the speaker. Plus where else could you ask the speaker about the absurd position of a dead existentialist..?!

  2. zbicyclist says:

    Kinkade seemed to advance through round 1 because it would be interesting to have him explain the contradictions between his personal life and the world portrayed in his art as “the painter of light”(TM).

    But Kinkade probably had some standard spiel for large collectors, and I fear we would just get a repeat of that pitch.

    This brings up a possible theme for a future set of brackets: if the speaker would be guaranteed to answer honestly, what would be the most interesting questions to ask? Seminar winner is the one whose honesty would be most interesting.

  3. jrc says:

    Camus wrote The Plague. QED.

    • j says:

      Love that book.

      “Ce qui est naturel, c’est le microbe. Le reste, la santé, l’intégrité, la pureté, si vous voulez, c’est un effet de volonté et d’une volonté qui ne doit jamais s’arrêter…”

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