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Judy Garland (4) vs. Al Sharpton; Derrida advances

WB calls yesterday‘s contest in the comments:

Among French intellectuals, I’d rather hear from a corpse than an active public figure. My vote goes to Derrida.

And, today, the woman who defined Hollywood stardom, up against a religious leader who dabbles in slander. How fabulous is that??

P.S. As always, here’s the background, and here are the rules.


  1. Jonathan (another one) says:

    Is there anyone who hasn’t heard enough from Sharpton already? Is there anyone who perks up because they hear Al Sharpton will be at an event? Al Sharpton must be tired of hearing Al Sharpton by now.

    Judy, though… Just trying to anticipate the pharmacological combination that Judy’s natural fear of speaking would induce is an incredibly difficult combinatorial statistical problem: Calculate the pdf in quaalude-benzedrine-phenobarbitol-ethanol space. Only downside: Liza might show up.

  2. Bruce McCullough says:

    Judy Garland wins by default, even if she were completely hoarse due to excessive singing. How can one hold a conversation with someone who can’t even read a teleprompter? See the “Sharpton vs the Teleprompter” series, e.g.,

    On the other hand, it would be interesting to hear The Rev Al explain (1) Tawana Brawley, (2) Crown Heights, (3) his role as an FBI Informant, (4) during any of his many meetings with the President, has Obama ever hit Big Al up for the millions in back taxes that he owes? (5) …. There’s really nothing I want to ask Judy, and I can always listen to her albums if I want to hear her sing. I changed my mind: I vote for Al.

  3. Ethan Bolker says:

    Given these quotes today:

    Farewell then

    Yes, rainbow is well known to be problematic.

    the rainbow needs rescuing.

    So let’s have the young Judy Garland sing for us.

  4. Slugger says:

    We need Al Sharpton. Racism is a serious problem in many societies not just ours. Whenever some racial problem arises in America, we just bring up Rev. Al and his misdeeds from 25 years ago, and then we have invalidated the complaints. What would we do without Rev. Al?

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