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The strange reappearance of Matthew Klam

A few years ago I asked what happened to Matthew Klam, a talented writer who has a bizarrely professional-looking webpage but didn’t seem to be writing anymore.

Good news! He published a new story in the New Yorker! Confusingly, he wrote it under the name “Justin Taylor,” but I’m not fooled (any more than I was fooled when that posthumous Updike story was published under the name “Antonya Nelson“). I’m glad to see that Klam is back in action and look forward to seeing some stories under his own name as well.


  1. WL says:

    I’m also thrilled to see this Andrew Gelman piece in the New England Journal of Medicine (under the name “Franz H. Messerli, M.D.”). I loved your April Fool’s Day posts but thought you’d stopped writing them.

  2. M Bean says:

    Is this really Matthew Klam under a pseudonym? I don’t recall any Klam stories written in the third person, like this story from Justin Taylor.

    I loved “Sam the Cat” and remember reading it in the New Yorker a long time ago.