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Infovis vs. statistical graphics: My talk tomorrow (Tues) 1pm at Columbia

Infovis vs. statistical graphics. Tues 1 Feb 2011 1pm, Avery Hall room 114. It’s for the Lectures in Planning Series at the School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation.

Background on the talk (joint with Antony Unwin) is here. And here are more of my thoughts on statistical graphics.


  1. Mr. Ed. says:

    # 3 – box office steamgraph

    is probably a hit because everybody likes latte art

    perhaps we should call them lattegraphs?

  2. Ed Cheng says:

    Enjoyed your talk today. I sort of thought that the historical comparison charts for baby name endings could have used some kind of normalization (it doesn't change the result, but it seems like it would eliminate any potential distortion).

  3. K? O'Rourke says:

    From your concluding slide

    Data displays as alternatives to photos and cartoons
    (Properly calibrated) Discovery of the unexpected

    May explain my attempt to get displays (painting inference) as alternatives to mathematical analysis

    and the recurring concerns about whether noticed patterns in “almost individual observation likelihood” plots can be fully calibrated (i.e. repeatedly good at separating apparent from real outliers)

    p.s. art show was cancelled due to concerns about possibly upsetting folks …

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