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Election symposium at Columbia Journalism School

Here’s the announcement:

ELECTIONS 2010 How sustainable is the current Republican coalition? Why has support for the Democratic Party taken a nosedive? Has there been a fundamental change in political conflict since Obama took office? How might policy (health care, TARP, the stimulus) influence election outcomes?

Join J-School Prof. TOM EDSALL and a bevy of some of the quickest political minds around for an examination of the upcoming November elections: * BEN SMITH & MAGGIE HABERMAN of Politico * CHARLES BLOW of the New York Times * MELINDA HENNEBERGER of Politics Daily * SAM STEIN of the Huffington Post * J-School Prof. TODD GITLIN and * Columbia University political scientists ANDREW GELMAN &
BOB ERIKSON. This lecture is sponsored in part by the Sevellon Brown Lecture Fund. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12 * 7 P.M. Journalism School Lecture Hall


  1. David Shor says:

    In the future, posting these sort of thing further ahead of time would be useful…

  2. Andrew Gelman says:

    Yeah, but if I post too early, people forget! Don't worry, though: if we ever have a symposium featuring Greg Mankiw, Steve Levitt, Lou Dobbs, and Alan Dershowitz, we'll announce it way ahead of time…