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R graph gallery: click on the link below RIGHT AWAY and be awed

Yair showed me this. It’s simply amazing. Click on the link RIGHT AWAY and be awed. Great examples and all the code you’ll ever need.


  1. jhrs says:

    Wow!!!!!! Lovely. The examples and the code shall be very useful. Thank you.

  2. Ken K. says:

    Lot's of cool stuff in there. I'm amused to see sunflower plots, which I think are a throwback to text-based graphics. I'm also interested in your take on mosaic plots, which I think are awful. I haven't yet seen an application where the raw data wasn't more readily appreciable than a mosaic plot.

  3. Phil says:

    I look at the site every now and then when I am trying to do something unusual, and sometimes the code is helpful. Great site. But isn't this the same R graph gallery that was discussed on this blog back in 2006? Have they added something new that you find especially impressive?

  4. John says:

    Well, I can see how I'm going to be spending my weekend, learning how to create some of those graphs with my data…

  5. Andrew Gelman says:


    Maybe so. My memory doesn't go back 3 years.

  6. Andrew Gelman says:

    Ken: I don't endorse every graph on that page. But some of them are pretty impressive. Also, I agree with you on mosaic plots. I much prefer line plots.