Nathan Yau’s contest

See here. He’s offering a copy of Tufte’s “The visual display of quantitative information.” My own favorite among Tufte’s books is his second book, “Envisioning information,” which, to my taste, has more in the way of practical tips and less in the way of ranting. (Don’t get me wrong, I like all of Tufte’s books; I’m just giving you my preferences. His first book was fun to read, but his second book changed how I do statistics.)

2 thoughts on “Nathan Yau’s contest

  1. That's interesting. I do like the second book, and I did get some great tips that changed how I do graphs, tables, and reports, but they were all in aesthetics and priming the reader. I felt it was Tufte beginning to drift away from his statisical roots and becoming a sort of art guru.

    ("layering" was the big revelation in Envisioning Information for me)

  2. I much preferred Cleveland's first book to Tufte's first book. They covered similarl ground, but Cleveland seemed to me to be much more systematic and research-based, and his recommendations and practices made more sense to me. I liked Tufte's second book more because it went in a different direction and told me things I didn't already know.

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