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2006 retrospective

Checking on progress:

1. I finished a few.

2. I was not particularly successful here. Easier said than done, I suppose.

3. I’d give myself a solid B on this one.

4. The guys at the bike shop did this one. Also fixed my front brake, which apparently was hanging on by literally one strand of cable.

5. Yep.

6. No comment.

7. Nope. But did get a paper accepted on my struggles in this area.

8. Not yet. This one’s a push to 2007.

9. Don’t recall.

10. Nope. But I didn’t get any further behind, either. Gotta work harder recording the amusing incidents.

11. Didn’t do so well on this one (even though, by the look of it, it seems like the easiest of resolutions).

12. Enough unfinished business here that I don’t think I need anything new for 2007. Well, ok, here’s one: I’d like to go to the movies at least once.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy 2007!

  2. jd says:

    I am sticking to Phil's model. I am committed to never whizzing on the seat and always putting the seat down in our master bath and the lid down in the guest bath. My wife will count failure rate. I'll post my quality stats at the end of the year.

    Have a great 2007!