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Most things are not surprises

I got an email from a friend who used to live in New York and now lives in Seattle:

I’m liking Seattle a lot, people are friendly and courteous here, and
it seems more civilized than most other places I’ve been. People and
drivers don’t get angry, cars let you through, and If someone starts a
conversation with you at the bus stop, it’s not because they want a
dollar from you, it’s because they want to ask about the book you have
in your hand. But the weather’s a whole other matter. Every day is
like the day before – cloudy and rainy.

This exactly confirms my existing attitudes about Seattle. I spend much of my time studying low-probability events, so it’s good to be reminded that sometimes things happen just as expected.


  1. ExNewYorker says:

    Surprising fact: annual precipitation is greater in New York City (49 inches) than in Seattle (37 inches).

  2. Barry says:

    I believe that many areas in the US are wetter than Seattle. It's not the inches of rain per year, it's the number of rainy days and cloudy days. Take one inch of rainfall in a week. If it comes in a single shower, even lasting 24 hours, that's one thing. Getting it 1/7" per day over the course of a week is a bit more depressing.

  3. TCO says:

    It is also concentrated at one time of year (colder half).