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Postdoctoral opportunity with Sarah Cowan and Jennifer Hill: causal inference for Universal Basic Income (UBI)

See below from Sarah Cowan:

I write to announce the launch of the Cash Transfer Lab. Our mission is to build an evidence base regarding cash transfer policies like a Universal Basic Income. We answer the fundamental questions of how a Universal Basic Income policy would transform American families, communities and economies. The first major initiative is to study the effects of the permanent fund dividend (PFD), a policy in Alaska that has paid every Alaskan resident a substantial amount of cash annually since 1982. This is the closest policy in the world to a Universal Basic Income.
You can read about the Cash Transfer Lab here.
We are hiring a postdoctoral associate to work on causal inference modeling. This scholar will work primarily with myself and Jennifer Hill. Details on the position and how to apply is here. We are looking for someone who has expertise in causal inference and has earned a PhD or will by September 1, 2021.
Please spread the word!


  1. Andrew says:

    This looks great! Also the postdoc could have fun conversations with us at Columbia too.

    • Sarah Cowan says:

      Of course! That’s part of the appeal. But Andy, you’re generous with your time so it doesn’t require a postdoc with your close collaborator Jennifer Hill, to get to have fun conversations with you.

  2. Rahul says:

    Are generous cash transfers to the applicant a part of the deal? :)

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