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We’re hiring an econ postdoc!

It’s for hierarchical modeling for policy analysis in Stan.

We’re really excited about this project. Will share more details soon, but wanted to get this out right away.

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  1. The start date’s some time early 2020.

    We’ll also be fitting models involving equilibrium conditions specified with differential and algebraic equations. Ideally, we’d like to extend to stochastic versions of these.

    We’re hoping to find someone who wants to work with us and a great group of economists fitting Bayesian models and then describing them in papers and reproducible case studies. Developing reusable packages for economics applications would also be great as would contributing to core Stan packages. There is also the latitude to engage in your own research within the broad framework of the Stan project and Bayesian econometrics.

    This work will be done in conjunction with a computational post-doc or research scientist working on related Stan infrastructure.

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