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Some Stan and Bayes short courses!

Robert Grant writes:

I have a couple of events coming up that people might be interested in. They are all at

Stan Taster Webinar is on 15 May, runs for one hour and is only £15. I’ll demo Stan through R (and maybe PyStan and CmdStan if the interest is there on the day), show the code and discuss the strength and limitations of HMC.

I have a 2 day Introduction to Stan course at the Royal Statistical Society on 9-10 July, which obviously expands on this, gets everyone involved in interactive small-group exercises, thinking of data-generating processes and appropriate parameterisations, etc etc.

And I can exclusively reveal that Rasmus Bååth is going to do an introductory course for beginners in Bayes in the autumn. His YouTube videos have been very popular so I think that will be exciting.

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