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My two talks in Montreal this Friday, 22 Mar

McGill University Biostatistics seminar, Purvis Hall, 102 Pine Ave. West, Room 25 Education Building, 3700 McTavish Street, Room 129 [note new location], 1-2pm Fri 22 Mar:

Resolving the Replication Crisis Using Multilevel Modeling

In recent years we have come to learn that many prominent studies in social science and medicine, conducted at leading research institutions, published in top journals, and publicized in respected news outlets, do not and cannot be expected to replicate. Proposed solutions to the replication crisis in science fall into three categories: altering procedures and incentives, improving design and data collection, and improving statistical analysis. We argue that progress in all three dimensions is necessary: new procedures and incentives will offer little benefit without better data; more complex data structures require more elaborate analysis; and improved incentives are required for researchers to try new methods. We propose a way forward involving multilevel modeling, and we discuss in the context of applications in social research and public health.

Montréal Mathematical Sciences Colloquium, 1205 Burnside Hall, 3:30-4:30pm:

Challenges in Bayesian Computing

Computing is both the most mathematical and most applied aspect of statistics. We shall talk about various urgent computing-related topics in statistical (in particular, Bayesian) workflow, including exploratory data analysis and model checking, Hamiltonian Monte Carlo, monitoring convergence of iterative simulations, scalable computing, evaluation of approximate algorithms, predictive model evaluation, and simulation-based calibration. This work is inspired by applications including survey research, drug development, and environmental decision making.


  1. Sam Harper says:

    Just a note for anyone that happens to be in Montreal and plans to attend the talk on reproducibility: The location has been changed to McGill’s Education Building, 3700 rue McTavish, Room 129. Still from 1-2pm.

  2. Tristan Boudreault says:

    Is the talk on Challenges in Bayesian Computing open to the public? What room is it in?

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