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Monty Python vs. Bruce Springsteen (1); Julia Child advances

From Jeff:

If they meet in the semi-final the Japanese dude will eat Frank for lunch: All vs. Nothing at All.

Though it appears she also had a soft spot for hot dogs, if Julia makes it that far it would be a matchup of gourmet vs gourmand, which seems a better contest.

Today it’s an unseeded, but very funny, gang of Wits against the top seeded Person from New Jersey. What will it be: Holy Grail or Thunder Road?

Again, here’s the bracket and here are the rules.


  1. zbicyclist says:

    So, what would one hour of a Monty Python argument look like?
    Might devolve into just contradiction.

  2. Jan says:

    Now we have opportunity to see in the next round whether Julia is really that much better than Python!

  3. Dzhaughn says:

    Serpentes is a socially oppressed suborder. How can we refuse this low cost and low risk opportunity to rattle the cages? They may mocassins and daughters, but we shall overcome!

    And Richard Avedon never took a photo of Ssssssspringssssssteen wrapped around Natassssssssya Kinssssssski. (Don’t correct me if I’m wrong.) Apparently it was a boa constrictor not a python, but the fact that it is an uncredited role proves my point. Ssssshe was clearly not wearing a cobra.

  4. Jonathan (another one) says:

    Both of them had a show on Broadway already. Spamalot was funnier and had much more dancing.

  5. Tom says:

    Python foresaw the replication crisis with their scientific method of proving someone is a witch but I fear that they would have to resort to talking about how they used to be funny. Springsteen could just bring a guitar and start playing – the only difficulty being that if you had something booked afterwards you might be a little late. Hmmm, not a particularly witty comment but still – onwards with Springsteen.

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